Stable name: 'SASSY'

Skewbald filly, born 1999, 15.2

Dam: Sire of dam: Dam of dam:
Sire: Sire of sire: Dam of sire:
All That Jazz(BSPA/CHAPS)981354G

Sassy is a very forward going filly who really loves jumping. Her mother was a 'thorobred type' mare who was rescued by a friend.Sassy is a tough little horse and the bigger the jump the better she likes it. She rides out alone or in company and is brilliant in traffic, being bought up on Salisbury Plain she is quite used to helicopters etc flying low overhead.She is good to shoe, clip and travel. She does however need a good jockey as she gets a bit too enthusiastic if not well controlled, but she is now in the capable hands of 'Team Southey' and is doing really well locally right now

Created on ... April 16, 2006
Last updated on... April 18th 2007